The FBI Has More Than What It Needs to Go After Hunter Biden

The laptop of first son Hunter Biden has implicated him in numerous crimes and unethical acts. When the story of the laptop first broke in 2020, however, the media discredited the story, claiming it wasn’t real in order to ensure Joe Biden made it into the White House.

However, it’s since been revealed that the laptop is very much real. In recent weeks, reports suggest that federal officials have enough information to charge Hunter Biden for lying to possess a firearm and committing various tax violations.

Meanwhile, new information has come to light, this time pertaining to multi-million-dollar deals Hunter made with Russian oligarchs.

A Smoking Gun
During Joe Biden’s time as vice president under the Obama administration, Hunter was enjoying the perks of his father’s last name. Rosemont Realty, a company belonging to Hunter, was gifted $40 million from Yelena Baturina, the widow of Putin’s top crony.

This $40 million was cited as Baturina’s attempt to become involved in the US market, something she wouldn’t have been able to do without Hunter’s father being so connected within the federal government.

Various claims from the New York Post allege that Baturina sent even more money to Rosemont Realty. Though what all was agreed upon for Hunter’s company to receive this type of funding remains a mystery.

Findings from Hunter’s laptop revealed that Joe Biden was well aware of his son’s business arrangements and played an active role in them. Therefore, this raises more questions about Biden’s involvement with Baturina and other foreign officials.

This is certainly a matter the FBI should be looking into.

Little Hope For True Justice
At the rate things are going, the FBI appears to be sitting on information about Hunter’s crimes, yet doing nothing about it.

Even after reports that federal officials have knowledge about Hunter lying on forms to get a gun and repeatedly breaking tax laws, he still has yet to be charged.

Many Americans believe this is due to corruption and the president running cover for his son. Amid growing reports that the FBI is intentionally hiding crucial details about Hunter Biden, congressional Republicans are vowing to get to the bottom of this after the midterms.