The DNC is Struggling to Sell Event Tickets

With the midterm elections coming up this November, the Democrat Party is doing all it can to drum up enthusiasm, excite its voters, and ultimately keep control of Congress.

This is turning out to be easier said than done, however. On a consistent basis, Democrats are being hounded for the role their policies are playing in gas prices, crime, inflation, and illegal immigration.

Many Americans who are seeing their lives turned upside by these poor policies aren’t so eager to vote for them in November.

This has now created a situation where Democrats are essentially hemorrhaging support. As a result, the party’s committee had to slash the prices for photo ops with Vice President Kamala Harris.

A Poor Turn of Events For the Democrat Party
At the left-wing Women’s Leadership Forum, ticket prices to meet and get a photo with the vice president were originally selling for $15,000 each. However, since few people were buying these tickets, the Democratic National Committee was forced to improvise.

As a strategy to increase sales, the party reduced the ticket prices from $15,000 down to $5,000 each. The ticket sales were also doing so poorly that the event originally set to take place this month had to be delayed.

As vice president, Harris remains attached to the failures of both the president and his administration. These failures have created a situation where Biden’s national approval rating barely hovers about 30%.

Meanwhile, the White House is still trying to pass the buck on issues like inflation and gas prices. Republicans have been hammering Democrats on these issues, citing them as reasons why the party should not keep control of Congress after the midterms.

A Bellwether For November?
In-party approval amongst Democrats has begun to collapse. Multiple left-wing publications have op-eds on why Biden should not seek re-election. The top reasons cited involve Biden’s age and the turbulence of his current leadership.

Months ago, reports also leaked that top Democratic officials were leery about Harris being Biden’s heir apparent, due to her consistently low poll numbers.

These strikes against Democrats are compounded by consistent polls that have shown the party losing the midterms to Republicans.