The Democrats’ Assault on Children is Getting Worse

When parents send their kids to school, they expect their kids to get a genuine education. This education is supposed to provide children with the skills and tools they’ll need to succeed in the world.

Unfortunately, schools are increasingly failing to do this. As a matter of fact, kids in schools are more often than not propagandized, rather than actually educated.

This is largely due to the Democrat Party and the warpath it’s on against children, as documented by The Federalist.

Working Against Kids’ Best Interests

Some of the ways that Democrats are hurting kids are through the education system. To this day, Democrats insist on teaching curriculums that involve radical racist ideology, such as critical race theory.

In pushing for this, Democrats argue there’s nothing wrong with telling kids that they’re either innately oppressed or automatically inflicting harm upon others, depending on their skin color. The Democrat Party of today is ultimately using children as vehicles to normalize their extreme agendas later down the line.

The same principle applies to Democrats insisting that small children be instructed about gender identity theories. To this very day, leftists remain irate that Florida has barred these sorts of topics from being taught to young people between kindergarten and third grade.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Democrats even remain guilty of pushing transgenderism on kids. As a disclaimer, the medical decisions that adults make for themselves are their business.

However, Democrats believe that children should be able to choose to take hormones — or undergo surgeries — that permanently alter childrens’ development.

In another devious twist, Democrats are branding this as “gender-affirming care” and claiming that anyone who opposes this for children is hateful towards LGBTQ+ people in general.

An Important Message For Parents

The Democrat Party of today does not see children as young people with their own futures and possibilities. Instead, Democrats view children as long-term routes of making radical left-wing agendas the new normal in 10 to 20 years.

At this point, it is imperative for parents to remain both vigilant and protective of their kids. By Democrats’ own admission, they believe children belong to teachers and the state, rather than their own mothers and fathers.