The Chicago Mayor is Being Slammed For Her “Book Burning” Tweet

In most cases, when the city of Chicago, Illinois makes headlines, it’s rarely for good reason. At this point, the state is notorious for suffering with high rates of crime and other problems.

With ongoing crime in the community, many people turn to Mayor Lori Lightfoot for answers. To this day, Americans are often left wondering when the Chicago mayor will take steps to significantly bring down the city’s crime rates.

This was a line of questioning that came up recently when Lightfoot slammed supporters of former President Trump’s Make America Great Again movement. Now, similar reactions are underway in light of the mayor’s comments about book burning.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
On Tuesday, the Chicago mayor tweeted out an image of her reading a book, captioned with a message that she was “in Texas,” reading the material of her choice without thoughts or books “ever” being banned.

The tweet was odd for a series of reasons. For starters, the book Lightfoot was reading, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ is ironically banned by multiple schools in left-wing California, rather than in Texas.

On top of this, it’s unclear why the Chicago mayor dragged the state of Texas into whatever point she was trying to make. All in all, Lightfoot’s obvious attempt to be clever and witty backfired tremendously.

It also reminded the nation of all the problems that exist in her own city. Some Twitter users pointed out that due to the high crime rates in Chicago, Texas might be a safer place to read a book after all.

Other folks tweeted back at Lightfoot, letting her know that instead of making odd comments about Texas and grandstanding online, the mayor should be dealing with criminals in her city.

Lightfoot, however, appears to think differently. Just last month, she argued that a rise of carjackings in Chicago was the end result of perpetrators not feeling “loved” enough.

A Troubling Pattern with Democratic Officials
Lightfoot is far from the only Democrat to take shots at red states without tackling issues at home.

On multiple occasions, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has made snide remarks about Florida, despite all the issues in California ranging from unaffordable living costs, homelessness, and much more.

Likewise, while California wound up losing a seat in the House of Representatives last year, Florida gained thousands of new residents.

Across the board, data shows that Americans are exiting blue states like Illinois and California for red states such as Texas and Florida. This is widely driven by the policies of leaders and legislatures in these communities.

Perhaps this is something Mayor Lightfoot and other Democrats overseeing cities and states should be more concerned about.