The Bidens Are The Icon Of Elite Corruption In A Healthy Country

We all remember the stories back in high school of kids getting caught engaging in less than respectable activities. The likely response was, “I’ll just have to call your parents and see what they have to say about this.” Does that still work at 51 years old?

In many cases, inside the family dynamic, kids will follow in their parent’s paths and ride on their success to get recognition in a particular profession. When you have a sitting President and former Vice President peddling his son around on Air Force 2 planes to China and Mexico, we have big problems. It’s no secret that Hunter Biden has overseas business dealings. Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas business with no prior experience in the industry, paid Hunter Biden more than $3 million. At the time, Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin was probing wrongdoing in the Hunter Biden case.

Joe Biden, threatening to cancel US credit guarantees, said, “We’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, ‘You have no authority, you’re not the President, the president said-’ I said call him. I said I’m telling you you’re not getting the billion dollars.” He went on to say, “I’m leaving here in 6 hours. If the prosecutors are not fired, you aren’t getting the money. Well, son of a B****, he got fired.”

Many were worried that Hunter being on the board at Burisma would undermine Joe Biden’s anti-corruption work he was doing in Ukraine. I believe they were right. Hunter Biden made $50,000 a month in some months while sitting on the board, far higher than the average pay. His qualifications were non-existent other than the fact he was the Vice Presidents’ son.

The Presidential Administration of Joe Biden has had its downfalls and twists and turns. President Biden has been quoted saying, about the Trump Administration, “I don’t know why this Administration needs to coddle autocrats and dictators from Putin to Kim Jung Un.” Biden said that in 2018 and early into his Presidency, he signed an executive order shutting down construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Fast forward to the G7 Summit, President Biden chose to waive sanctions on Russia for continuing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Sound like coddling? This action is just after a cyber-attack affected most of the southeastern United States and shut down the gas supply. Is Joe Biden of the opinion that Americans are illiterate? It is unethical to take away the jobs of industrious Americans and reduce the availability of gas pipelines while allowing other countries to use the same infrastructure. Climate Change cannot be at the top of this man’s list of the world’s most serious threats. You could say to yourself, “Geeze, this guy is against corruption in Ukraine and doesn’t want to coddle dictators,” but when you examine the actions of an individual, more so a leader, the truth of their intentions come out to play.

The Biden family has been involved in politics for over 47 years. You can retire from most jobs after 30 years. What are they still doing? How much more money are they going to be allowed to make off dictators and shifty business deals? Where is the accountability? Meanwhile, if a police officer speaks about an NBA player unfavorably, he gets fired. However, this is not the leadership style of a top-down structure, and it is also a top-down dictatorship.