The Biden Administration To Appeal The DACA Ruling

Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is unconstitutional and that future registrants’ participation will be halted.

Obama signed the bill while stating that he did not have the constitutional right to do so. Many attempts to change immigration have been tried, but DACA does not appear to be a long-term solution. DACA doesn’t offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but it does allow them to apply independently. DACA recipients are required to renew their status every two years, enabling them to get a driver’s license, work, and go to college.

Citizenship would be granted under the Dream Act. But in a typical Democratic manner, Democrats have stomped their feet in response to the federal judge’s order, as if it is the only or best path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The DACA fiasco is paving the way for the future of immigration policies in the United States, but Biden’s administration has squandered opportunities to ease limitations.

Hundreds of thousands of additional illegal immigrants have entered the country with the border open. There is no documentation, no court date, and they are simply vanishing into our communities with federal government money provided to them by federal agents. The Biden government enables this to happen while businesses struggle and families go hungry. With this administration’s incapacity to protect the border, Democrats and Republicans have lost the opportunity to sit down, discuss, debate, and adopt new citizenship laws.

And so, it should be. When you are given a position of leadership, your faults and mishandlings must be scrutinized. And that is what has happened with our country’s checks and balances system.

Once the border is more secure, we should modernize our immigration system to promote stability rather than push turmoil.

Biden has already announced that his administration will appeal the federal judge’s decision to maintain DACA. Therefore something must be done, but what?

Republicans and Democrats have previously worked together on the Dream Act, but it has never been passed. It may be time to reexamine the Dream Act and design a system that gives hope to individuals seeking a better life while holding those who want to take advantage of the system accountable.