The Anti-Ghost Gun Agenda is Distracting From Real Crime Problems

Over the past several days, there’s been a lot of talk about so-called ghost guns. Ghost guns, in reality, are just firearms that are created by individuals who have the necessary materials. These weapons are referred to as “ghosts” due to their lack of traceable serial numbers.

This week, the president came out with new crackdowns against ghost guns. According to Biden, a ban on ghost guns will make it harder for criminals to break the law and carry out attacks against innocent people.

However, as the president frames his anti-ghost gun agenda as a crime-fighting strategy, he’s largely ignoring what really drives crime, according to PJ Media.

What Biden Isn’t Telling Americans About Crime

The president wants Americans to think the root cause of crime is ghost guns that can be supposedly created within half an hour and then distributed at all. In actuality, though, selling ghost guns is actually illegal.

Yet, when Biden was talking about fighting crime with ghost gun bans, he didn’t mention the rise in criminal offenders being let out of jail by Democratic leaders. The president also didn’t mention the reality that many criminals offending with firearms are not doing so with legally purchased or created weapons.

As Democrats rally behind cracking down on ghost guns, they won’t stop letting criminals free from jail or reinstate reasonable bail for dangerous offenders. Taking these measures would do more to cut back on crime than any sort of anti-ghost gun agenda.

Also, if Biden was truly serious about rooting out crime, he’d urge Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) to rehire the New York City police officers who were fired for not getting COVID vaccines. New York City could use as many officers as possible, due to the crime problems facing the community.

A Backdoor Attempt to Ban Gun Ownership

As many conservatives have already pointed out, the White House’s war on ghost guns is merely part of a long-term plan to crack down on legal gun ownership altogether.

Democrats want to redefine what various parts of firearms are in order to systematically chip away at Second Amendment rights.

Biden himself is on record vowing to “defeat” the National Rifle Association (NRA) and declaring pistols as “weapons of war.” Aside from this, Biden has a decades-long career of being anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment.

Every American must be vigilant as this president and his administration increase their efforts to shred the Second Amendment.