The 10th Amendment Protects State Legislation, Particularly Voting Laws

Kamala Harris tends to think that voter laws are discriminatory, stating, “This all is designed, I believe, to make it harder for you to vote so that you don’t vote.” Harris seems to have forgotten that her administration stated that minorities have trouble obtaining ID because they do not know where the DMV is located. Absolute madness.

51 Democrats from Texas have walked out and traveled to Washington, D.C., to stamp their feet and blocked their ears like infants. The Texas election integrity bill would do the following:

  • Ensure that felons were instructed on the impact of their conviction.
  • Mandate that unlawful voter registration or cast votes will be delivered to the attorney general, secretary of state, and county or district attorney.
  • If a registrar fails to fix a breach within 30 days of receiving notice, the secretary of state must do it on their behalf.
  • Registrar violations will hold a $100 for each one the secretary of state has to fix.
  • Prohibit solicitation of mail-in ballots.
  • It is illegal for a governmental officer or employee or a political subsidiary to distribute application forms.
  • It is illegal to utilize public monies to seek another person for an application form for an early voting ballot for someone who did not request it.
  • This requirement shows disability through the Social Security Administration, Veteran Affairs, a licensed physician, chiropractor, or a certified Christian Science practitioner, as outlined in the bill.
  • Applications for vote-by-mail ballots as well as ballots received by mail are being tracked electronically.
  • Vote-by-mail ballots are to be tabulated separately.
  • Electronic records will record both sides’ applications, ballots, or envelopes.
  • Provide free movement of watchers in the location the watcher is serving.
  • Adds chain of custody to delivery of election records.
  • Restricts voting time to 7 am-7 pm.
  • Ballots in a voting system may not be set so that just one political party’s candidate is chosen in a single motion or gesture.
  • Allow voters to vote machine or ballot marking device allow voters to cast a ballot without voting for all races or measures.
  • Mandate electronic equipment to monitor and record input and activity in voting machines.
  • Mandate peace officer during all tabulation.
  • Provide paper receipt of cast ballots or use an auditable voting machine.
  • An automatic recount is votes cast are more than registered voters in a precinct.
  • Refusing to allow a watcher becomes a class A Misdemeanor.

The oppression exists!

There is no discrimination among the changes. Jim Crow voting laws included poll taxes, literacy tests, and other restrictions. These new “Jim Crow” laws, as Joe Biden calls them, must be much worse, right? Wrong. This legislation’s primary goal is to make voting fraud more difficult to occur and ensure accountability. Most won’t even notice a change.

The DNC claims it will spend $25 million on the “I Will Vote” campaign to educate voters, assist with registration, and many other things. The Democratic Party does not value votes and has decided to make their laws since they do not have any other options. The Democrats do not believe in the ability of individuals, particularly minorities. For quite some time, comments ranging from minorities unable to identify minorities not knowing how to use the internet have been in the news.

When will the Democratic Party realize that minorities or not individuals have the power to change the world, mainly through their vote?

The following sentence is a complete list of all 28 new voting laws enacted around the country:

AL HB 285, AL HB 538, AR HB 1112, AR HB 1244, AR HB 1715, AR SB 643, AZ SB 1003, AZ SB 1485, FL SB 90, GA SB 202, IA SF 413, IA SF 568, ID HB 290, IN SB 398, KS HB 2183, KS HB 2332, KY HB 574, OK HB 2663, LA HB 167, MT HB 176, MT HB 530, MT SB 169, MT SB 196, NV SB 84, TX HB 3920, TX SB 1111, UT HB 12, WY HB 75.