Texas Investigates Children’s Clinic Over ‘Trans’ Procedures

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) is initiating an investigation into Dell Children’s Medical Center of Austin, Texas after a leaked recording from the non-profit hospital allegedly showed onsite workers admitting to practicing so-called gender transition treatments on children beginning at 8 years of age.

“It is now alarmingly common for fringe activists to use their positions in medicine and health care to force experimental, life-altering procedures onto children,” Paxton explained in a press release. “Across the country, there are doctors and health care professionals who appear willing to sacrifice the long-term health of American children, all in service to the increasingly dangerous fad of ‘transgender’ extremism. It is deeply disturbing, and there is no place for it in Texas. Along these lines, there have been a number of recent reports about potentially illegal activity at Dell Children’s Medical Center, and this investigation aims to uncover the truth.”

Just The News reported that Paxton sent the clinic a Request to Examine on Friday in an effort to force it to honor Texas law, which is illegal for a majority of cases in the Lone Star State.

This news comes shortly after the well-known journalist group Project Veritas, founded by the recently-fired James O’Keefe, released footage last month featuring an alleged medical center social worker who can be seen acknowledging just how young some of the recipients of these extreme and unpreventable ‘gender transition’ treatments are.

“We do have patients starting as young as 8, 9 [years old]. So we do have folks on the younger side,” the worker said, adding that puberty blockers are often handed to a child “after one” session.

“It’s not something that we want to gatekeep and require someone to, you know, come see us ten times before it’s prescribed,” she explained.

Comments supporting O’Keefe months after his controversial ousting can be seen on the post.

The demand from Paxton, which he is requesting be honored by May 30, seeks information about the ages of children being subjected to “Gender Transitioning and Gender Reassignment” processes, how many times a patient is told to come in for a consultation prior to starting the so-called treatment, how long the appointments are, and any complaints the non-profit may have had to deal with, and other related topics.

Dell Children’s is reacting to the controversy by outright denying it ever has ever engaged in such practices. Paxton has said he welcomes the group’s cooperation but maintains he will not back down.