Texas Governor Teaching New York Mayor A Big Lesson

Recently, the overload of illegal aliens arriving in New York from Texas via buses, as directed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ( R ), has overwhelmed the city’s shelter system.

Texas has bussed more than 1,500 illegals into Manhattan since it began last year. Abbott states the number of “trespassers” from the Mexican Border has become so cumbersome that Texas will continue the bussing until President Joe Biden secures the border.

Abbott began bussing migrants into the NY Port Authority after New York City Mayor Eric Adams ( D ) made statements concerning the number of illegals being shipped into D.C., saying, “It’s a political stunt” by Abbott. Since April of this year, Texas has sent more than 7,000 illegals to our nation’s capital.

In a tweet, Abbott wrote, “The number of migrants Texas is sending to D.C. & NYC is only a fraction of the burden our communities face due to Pres. Biden’s open border policies.”

Manhattan is scrambling to house the illegals. The shelters are full, and Adams is working to place them into hotels within the city. Adams says the goal is to find out what each family’s needs are and to provide immediate assistance.

Many of the illegals coming into Texas are claiming asylum from Venezuela and Columbia. Those being bussed into D.C. and NYC are given cell phones at taxpayers’ expense in an effort by the federal government to keep track of each individual. However, many are either selling their phones or throwing them away.

There is also a concern that many of the arriving illegals are entering with COVID-19 or are not vaccinated — Joe Biden seems unconcerned with them not being vaccinated. Adams has threatened to go to Texas and campaign against Abbott, to which the Texas governor responded with a famous line from actor Clint Eastwood, “Go ahead; make my day.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxon weighed in saying that NYC and D.C. are only experiencing a small amount of disruption compared to Texas, which sees nearly 4,000 illegals a day, noting the state is seeing mass overdoses and dealing with human trafficking.

“I want America to see this debate,” Paxton said. “The federal government is refusing; not only refusing to help us but encouraging the cartels to bring as many people as they can.”

Currently, the costs to NYC for housing the migrants are upwards of $300 million.