Texas Gov. Abbott Announces Second Special Session Fleebagger Dems To Stay In Portugal

Democrats don’t like being uncomfortable, especially the Democrats in power. In Texas, they will be forced to talk about things they don’t want to talk about, that is, if they return to Texas.

Democrats left Texas because they didn’t like a voter reform bill, so they went to their Government daddy in Washington, D.C. The bill passed anyway, and Governor Greg Abbott had one of them arrested as soon as they came back, and hopefully, all the rest will be arrested as well.

Abbott is calling another special legislative session on August 7th, and it’s going to be an excellent show to watch. As pressure mounted, the Democrats gave speeches in Washington, D.C. They kicked and screamed about the bill by posting pictures of their horrible living situation, drying their laundry on the hotel shower rod, and complaining about missing the family they left. State Representatives Julie Johnson and Jessica Gonzalez went to Portugal on vacation that they had planned for over a year? Very convenient.

Taxpayers love paying politicians for refusing to do their job, and we’ve been doing it since January 20th, 2021. Biden sets a high standard for ignoring problems and refusing to fix them, with the border crisis and inflation being perfect examples.

Many of the same subjects will be explored in the second special session as in the first. Voter integrity, a ban on mandatory masks for students, healthcare needs such as personal protective equipment, staffing hospitals, medical care facilities, vaccination administration, testing sites, prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in university sports, and many other provisions are included in the bill.

All items in the bill are reasonable for the structure of Texas and even the country, but Democrat’s publicity stunt has to continue. Otherwise, they’ll let down their Democratic masters, who they bow to.

I mean, seriously, men competing in women’s sports and vice versa is ridiculous. Biological differences give men an advantage in strength-based skills over women because men are biologically adapted to muscle building due to their muscle mass and emotional, physical difference.

On the better part of the bill, Texas wants to protect those who have been censored on social media platforms. Social media has now partnered with the White House, which is extremely scary. At no time should the federal government censor speech, work with others to censor speech, or try to censor free speech. When individuals wish to express their thoughts, conspiracy theories, or accurate or interpreted medical information, it violates the Constitution and undermines the integrity of free expression.

Whether the session will include Republicans and Democrats is to be determined, but what should be noted is the willingness of Democrats to refuse to do their job and speak for their constituents.