Texas Decision Disturbed Signals Terrible News For Democrats In 2022

The national media was focused on the pivotal election of Glenn Youngkin as the next governor of Virginia this week, and rightfully so. The establishment is still trying to figure out how the relatively unknown Republican beat an extremely well-funded establishment Democrat who had been previously elected to the office. There were many other elections around the country. However, that didn’t receive national attention but is still noteworthy. There was a massive upset in a Texas election that portends awful news for Democrats next year.

A state race in Texas House District 118 saw Republican John Lujan win the 73 percent Hispanic district in San Antonio that was won by Joe Biden by 14 points just a year ago. Lujan defeated Democrat Frank Ramirez in the runoff election Tuesday.

Lujan is a former firefighter and is a local business owner. He took 51.2 percent of the vote, representing a 15 point Republican shift since last year. President Donald Trump also lost the vote in the district in 2016. In turning expectations on their head, Lujan carried a majority of the Hispanic vote in the district.

The Republican win indicates that the assumptions that Democrats can take Hispanic voters for granted are rapidly becoming invalid. This change is running in tandem with trends showing a surge of Black voters going with Republican candidates.

The election also shows that Republicans can attract Hispanic voters while taking direct action toward border control and reducing illegal immigration. The GOP may be picking up on the truth that the identity politics pushed by the left are not an essential factor for many minority voters.

This week, the overall results from elections around the country are terrible news for Democrats in next year’s midterm elections. It is likely that instead of learning many valuable lessons, they will continue to double and triple down on racial politics and try to convince minority voters that they are perpetual victims and lack agency. That message of weakness and passivity is being rightfully rejected by more and more Americans who are fed up with relying on politicians in Washington who do nothing to improve their lives.

Republicans, on the other hand, will do well to recognize why the tide is turning and shift their policy agenda toward liberating Americans of all demographics from the shackles of the federal government’s failed policies.