Texas Democrats Play A Losing Game Of Chicken

Texas passes a massive Voter Rights bill without Democrats.

Fleeing in the face of opposition has been a trademark of the Democratic Party, and their duty to serve the people isn’t different.

Democratic lawmakers fed to Washington D.C. to cry to their Democratic daddy about voting legislation proposed in Texas. 51 Texas Democrats left Texas in an attempt to shut down Texas House Bill 6. It didn’t work.

Voting laws have affected sections of the population in different ways throughout generations. According to crf-usa.org, when the 14th amendment was ratified, the radical Republicans in Congress established federal military rule over the vast majority of the South. According to U.S.Amry’s occupation, the former Confederate states wrote new constitutions and were readmitted to the Union. It gave equal protection under the law, even to former slaves.

Now, Democrats are acting as if protecting election integrity is somehow oppressing eligible voters.

The sad part is that Democrats across the country act as though an opposing viewpoint is racist, homophobic, and discriminatory.

Ballot harvesting, obtaining ballots from people in an area to turn them in, was a huge concern during the 2020 Election. Project Veritas disclosed a video from Snapchat showing Liban Mohamed, brother of Representative Jamal Osman, with hundreds of absentee ballots in his vehicle bragging about it, saying, “Numbers don’t lie, Numbers don’t lie.”

The Texas bill would further outlaw this type of behavior and put more substantial penalties on anyone trying to keep watchers out.

Scott Gordon with NBC5 posted a picture on Twitter of the Democrats on a plane to D.C. saying, “Texas lawmakers are leaving the state to break quorum voting bill. Veteran Capitol observers say this is unchartered territory.”

The unchartered territory is a proper region that might land them in handcuffs. Governor Abbott has approved issuing arrest warrants for the Democrats. Hopefully, the Democrat daddies in Washington can save them, but it’s doubtful.