Texas Democrats Finally Begin To Realize They Are Screwed

The public is curious about the flee bags. Texas Democrats who ran the state to oppose the passage of a routine voting integrity bill remain in Washington, DC. It is unclear where they are staying, but Americans can imagine them sleeping on cots and muttering obscenities at Gov. Greg Abbott every night. That is, as long as they do not infect the entire population with COVID-19. A few days ago, the MLK memorial was the site of a sighting in which several of them were seen with Al Sharpton, who was also present. Because nothing polarizes support in Texas quite like a notorious big-city race thief spreading the myth that voting rights are being weakened due to the limited early voting period.

They could not be more tone-deaf if they tried, which they will undoubtedly do as this stunt continues. However, as August approaches and another special session looms, these brave crusaders realize they are screwed. The phrase “do or die” is highly appropriate in this situation, given the circumstances. Despite appearances, they are campaigning for a total federal power grab of the election system to prevent Texas from banning 24-hour voting and ballot harvesting. These are, without a doubt, the civil rights leaders of our generation.

Moreover, as stated, when the entire pack of lies began, these Texas Democrats had also decided to engage in a pointless game of chicken. What was the objective? To go to Washington for a month and return victorious? That’d never happen in a million years. Instead, Abbott would also continue to call special sessions until all these glory hounds return to their homes and execute their responsibilities.

The For the People Act is dead. It does not qualify for reconciliation, and there is no eleventh-hour save coming in the next few days to make it law and somehow pre-empt the Texas legislature. Instead, these Texas Democrats are stuck. Are they going to spend several more months away from their families, fighting a battle they can’t win? Color me highly skeptical.

As media coverage dwindles to almost nothing, it will become less appealing to persevere, knowing that they will lose regardless. They appear to be utterly oblivious to what is about to take place next. Republicans control a resounding majority of the state’s legislative chambers, according to recent polling. They can pass their voter integrity bill, no matter how much Texas Democrats dislike it. The more stupid they act, the more they have to pay for it in the future. The rational course of action is to return home. The arrest videos would therefore prove to be a successful fundraising tool in the future.