Tennessee House Passes Law Regulating Most Flags

The Tennessee House has passed a law that, with some circumstantial exceptions, effectively bans all flags from public schools that are not the United States flag or the state flag.

Although the mainstream media is, in an inflammatory way, reporting this story as a specific ban on “pride” flags, the language and intent of the bill does not reflect that specific narrative.

According to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gino Bulso (R-Brentwood), the bill bans any flags that “represent a political viewpoint, including but not limited to, a partisan, racial, sexual orientation, gender or other ideological viewpoint.”

The bill passed the House overwhelmingly in a 70-24 vote.

While it is true that the bill was introduced due to concerned parents’ reactions to teachers displaying gay pride flags in the classroom, the scope of the bill reflects a broader concern for school systems indoctrinating children with political ideologies against the will of the parents.

Ultimately, supporters of the bill feel that it attempts to ensure that children are sent to school to learn basic academics and not be indoctrinated into the political causes of their teachers.

The lopsided margin of the vote strongly suggests that Tennessee voters largely agree and want political indoctrination out of their schools.

This indoctrination is not limited to the LGBTQIA+ agenda, but also communist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which also have their own flags and symbology.

The bill was objected to by pro-gay groups who believe that their flags should be on display to children in schools. The language of their protest is that they want to fight “hate” — the customary language used by gay rights groups and other leftist organizations.

Exceptions for flag displays include Native American tribes, flags related to the armed forces, other nations, universities, or of the school itself.

Although public school systems and universities have long been magnets for leftist teachers-turned-activists, there has been a sea change in the collective political zeitgeist as parents have grown tired of tolerating such behavior. Even students have become aware of being targeted and, in some cases, have openly rebelled — most famously at Massachusetts school where they tore down a “pride” display.