Ted Cruz Speaks TRUTH About Afghan Vetting And TRIGGERS The Right People

During the preceding two weeks, at least 13 US soldiers were murdered by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, and it’s easy to forget that the issues don’t end when the planes arrive. Approximately 1 million Afghans have evacuated the country at the moment. However, determining who they are and what to do with them are challenging issues. The Biden administration’s stated goal appears to be to bring them all to America, leaving the issue of who will be vetted unresolved. In a country where terrorism is rampant, the practicality must outweigh sentimentality when importing vast people. The absence of a system is alarming. Sen. Ted Cruz visited Fort Bliss today, where 10,000 Afghan refugees would soon be accommodated.

Cruz is accurate, and that he is speaking the truth about a subject that far too many people avoid, perhaps out of fear of offending someone. While empathy for Afghan migrants is understandable, one must not become complacent and dismiss the realities of our world. ISIS-strike K’s on people two days ago exemplifies terrorists’ willingness to murder Americans. Anyone allowed must undergo the most rigorous screening conceivable. Naturally, Cruz’s statements drew replies from the relevant parties. However, the issue here is that Ali says nothing true. Indeed, most Afghan migrants do not have SIVs. Therefore indicates they have not been vetted in any way, and it is perfectly acceptable to demand that screening occur. Cruz’s national security advisor, Omri Ceren, corrected Ali’s several mistakes.

Again, people sympathize with assisting Afghans who assisted American soldiers. If America commits a translator, an Intel source, or anybody else, they should keep it. Most importantly, this is critical for America’s reputation in the future. Moreover, it is for this reason that Cruz’s idea that American people keep them in certain third-world countries is sound. That is the optimal solution. Individuals who are not SIV carriers or close family members of SIV carriers should be moved. To keep everyone safe, the US needs guardrails. Understandably, this is a contentious topic, but policy decisions must be based on sound reasoning. The Biden administration must be welcoming, and no governor should be willing to accept anyone who has not been thoroughly vetted as well as proven safe.