Ted Cruz Blasts Yale Student For Racism Accusation

Along with Micheal Knowles and Liz Wheeler, Ted Cruz recently appeared at a gathering held in Yale University, where he received many questions from the crowd, one of which was a student who accused him of racism. Although Cruz remained serious as always, he blasted the student for her ill-informed questioning.

A supposed student from Yale asked Ted Cruz why he questioned Kentanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearing. The student did not seem interested in facts or an answer rather she accused Cruz of racism and being disrespectful towards Jackson. It is also notable how the student provided no explanation or examples as to how Cruz’s questions were racist.

The questions that Jackson was asked were related to her professional record and suitability to be a Supreme Court judge. Cruz questioned her about her record related to child pornography and how she served on the board of a school openly teaching Critical Race Theory. The direct question is, how is it racist to question someone on their professional career? It boils down to the Left using black people for pushing forward their agenda.

When answering the student from Yale, Cruz pointed out that the left is very hypocritical when it comes to protecting black aspirants. He argued that if it was racist to question and vote against Jackson because of her race then why is the left so comfortable with doing the same to Clarence Thomas or Janice R. Brown? He notes how charges of racism and sexism are often unaccompanied by proof by the Democrats and how they are very hypocritical with the claims.

Cruz also argued why the Democrats did not consider it sexist to vote in lockstep against Amy Coney Barett.

When looking at things from an objective point of view, Ted Cruz did nothing wrong at the hearing nor was he wrong to hold the student accountable. It is also important to note that his questioning of Jackson was very mild as compared to the three previous nomination fights.

The GOP is done with left’s hypocrisy and they will certainly not let the Democrats throw around accusations of racism and sexism, without any consequences.