Teachers Union Leader Tries to Pivot Away from Damage Caused by Her Policies

If you do not know the name Randi Weingarten, now might be the time to get acquainted. She is head of one of the most powerful unions in the United States. She is president of the American Federation of Teachers. Here she is speaking about the current state of the nation’s children.

Here is the big problem with her analysis. She was one of the main reasons schools adopted virtual learning and the lockdowns. Instead of adopting policies like Sweden that had schools open as soon as possible, and relying upon the data generated by their approach, she advocated for some of the most draconian policies in the world.

The specious argument for this was always that “kids are resilient.” Although this may be true, not all kids are as resilient as others. There was bound to be carnage, especially in the mental health arena. The teachers’ unions were fearful for the health of the teachers, not the students. For the first time, the older generation prioritized its health first. Transferring the risk from adults to children. Instead of doing what was best for the kids, they caved to fear.

Now, Ms. Weingarten has the gall to lament a problem that she helped create. What is the solution? Well, more money for the teachers’ unions to deal with this crisis of course. The fact that people are still listening to this woman for anything regarding how to approach the current situation is a travesty. In an earlier time, she would have resigned in disgrace.

But we do not live in those times. Incompetence and outright malfeasance are ignored if it does not fit the prevailing narrative.

A problem with equally dire consequences is that trust in the medical establishment has been destroyed. The constantly moving goalposts and failure of anyone in any institution to take responsibility for the massive mistakes that were made all but guarantee that there will not be a unified response to the next pandemic.

Almost half the country has a mistrust of the scientific community, the widest gap in 50 years. Without new leadership at every level, the American public will be left guessing how to respond to people like Randi Weingarten. The children will be left to suffer again.