Taxpayers Reimburse Children’s Hospital $1.4M For ‘Gender Transition Services’

Newly released documents have revealed that Massachusetts reimbursed Boston Children’s Hospital $1.4 million in taxpayer funds for pushing life-altering transgender procedures on minors.

Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the leading medical institutions that encourages irreversible and dangerous gender procedures for minors — even going so far as to brag about having the first pediatric transgender surgery center in the United States. Since-deleted pages from Boston Children’s Hospital’s website previously showed that the hospital has performed hundreds of transgender surgeries on minors since 2017. The hospital has also offered phalloplasties for 18-year-old boys and vaginoplasties for 17-year-old girls.

According to documents obtained by the Daily Caller, Massachusetts reimbursed the children’s hospital $1.4 million for so-called “gender transition services.”

The outlet explained that the money from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services had paid for “Gender transition services (i.e., physician’s services, inpatient and outpatient, hospital services, surgical services, prescribed drugs, therapies, etc.)” from January 2015 to May 2023.

Boston Children’s Hospital has faced severe backlash over previously boasting on its website about offering a “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens.” Following the criticism, the hospital scrubbed its website and deleted a video from its YouTube channel featuring a doctor celebrating removing a uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a cervix for an elective “gender-affirming hysterectomy.”

Data from the National Institutes of Health shows that Boston Children’s Hospital performed 204 “gender affirmation” surgeries from 2017 to 2020 — including 65 chest surgeries — with the youngest patient being just 15 years old.

Earlier this year, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Center for Gender Surgery co-director Oren Ganor co-wrote an op-ed calling for increasing training for these so-called “gender-affirming surgeries” due to an increase in demand for the procedures.

“With certain states restricting gender-affirming surgeries, residency programs in states with more favorable regulations must ensure they increase training efforts to accommodate increased caseloads of gender-affirming surgeries that will likely result,” he wrote alongside Harvard graduate Shawheen Rezaei.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts is not the only state using taxpayer money to fund these dangerous and irreversible procedures for children. According to a report from The Daily Wire last week, Pennsylvania used $20 million in taxpayer funds for puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and transgender surgeries for children between 2015 and July 2023 — with the money being spent via Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).