Swing State Polls Show Extreme ‘Buyers Remorse’ With Joe Biden

The collapse and fall of the Biden regime have happened as suddenly as his inexplicable rise in the 2020 nominating contest to dominate the field and get carried old, pale, limp, and barely breathing to the White House with the full force and power of the Democratic-aligned power structure. But his fall is very explicable. The entire thing was a sham from the beginning. Biden’s fugazi! He’s not the real deal. He just got rammed through with powerful political, corporate marketing from a coalition of prominent dealmakers.

Did they expend some serious resources not only a multi-hundreds of billions of dollars warchest, but something like generational political capital and credibility with the American people to drag the old, mean, greedy, angry, ambitious senator from Delaware across the finish line, and bump a leader like Donald Trump out of the way, someone who came in from the outside, someone who the machine, the consortium of power players didn’t pick to be their figurehead, someone who just happened to the system, someone honest.

And what did they get for all of that? For locking Americans down for a year and knocking their businesses over and squashing them, and putting young people’s dreams on hold, and endangering the mentally and society at-risk in our country by pulling the rug out from under them so brutally and imposing such a strange, foreign, un-American social regime of command and control and fear and merciless weirdness and absurdity?

All so that enough voters would be scared, and miserable, and confused enough, with nothing else to do but vote, to vote for Joe Biden of all people to be Donald Trump’s replacement? A guy that has said and done more against immigrants and people of color in this country over his career than most of the worst, untrue propaganda about Donald Trump? A guy that voted for the Iraq War, leading to the deaths of as many as a million civilians by some counts?

They got a total meltdown of competence, authority, and proficiency in overseeing and leading the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a complete dereliction of duty. They got a raving maniac in office, trying to force vaccine mandates on a hundred million Americans, after already admitting he knew his eviction moratorium wasn’t constitutional but wanted to let it run for some weeks until the courts caught up to striking it down, an utter, admitted tyrant. That alone is the guilty confession that should seal his impeachment and removal from office by Congress.

And the approval ratings are not surprisingly tanking, but most of the conversation has been around the national presidential job approval polls, which are bad. But what’s especially troubling for Biden and the entire Democratic Party going into the midterms is how poorly Joe is doing in the swing states. In Virginia, Michigan, and Iowa, Biden was doing worse than George W. Bush in 2008. Yikes. An outgoing president in their second term, and GWB. Democrats are in for a red wave.