Study Funded By Gates Foundation Outlines Successful “Interventions” For Vaccine Hesitancy

America’s wealthiest charity, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, is funding studies whose purpose is to find out how to manipulate “targeted” people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines.

In one study, the Gates-funded researchers discussed “lessons learned” from previous vaccine pushes, and recommended a number of “interventions” to combat vaccine hesitancy. Titled, “Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy for Future COVID-19 and HIV Vaccines: Lessons from Measles and HPV Vaccines,” the study is a “narrative review” of “interventions” used in past vaccine acceptance campaigns for HIV and HPV.

The study found “several successful approaches to improving vaccine acceptance,” such as “financial incentives,” “message framing” and the use of “vaccine champions.” According to the study, these “interventions” for vaccine hesitancy work best when directed at the “target population” of the intervention.

The study’s abstract concludes that these strategies can be used independently or in combination with others. The abstract also states that the study is useful because vaccines are “a critical step” for the control of infectious diseases, yet there is “the need to address vaccine hesitancy,” because it reduces vaccine uptake.

According to the researchers, “the most successful interventions directly targeted the population for vaccination.” Free vaccination services and financial incentives are recommended as effective means of luring hesitant populations into receiving a vaccination.

The study states that “message framing” is powerful but must be directed at the target population and “carefully framed.” The study also suggests influencing young Americans by advocating for vaccine uptake in “schools, universities, or healthcare settings to target adolescents and/or adults.”

The study’s claim that vaccines are “critical” for the control of coronavirus contrasts poorly with recent adverts from the New York Presbyterian Hospital that focus on myocarditis in children. Myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart, is rare in children and has been linked to the COVID vaccines.

An American Heart Association report published in August found that risk of myocarditis is greater after COVID infection thaN from COVID vaccines overall, but concedes that, “in men younger than 40 years old, the number of excess myocarditis events per million people was higher after a second dose of mRNA-1273 than after a positive SARS-CoV-2 test.”

Bill Gates has pushed COVID-19 vaccine adoption since the start of the pandemic. Gates, when asked about the pandemic in an interview this week, said that people thinking that he had put chips in them was “so strange” and “almost funny.”