Steve Hilton: ‘FBI Must Be Held Accountable For Colluding With Big Tech

As the third installment of the ‘Twitter Files’ dropped Friday, Fox News host Steve Hilton slammed Democrats and Big Tech. During an interview with Fox News host Trace Gallagher, Hilton discussed the “Twitter Files.” In his speech, he pointed out how obvious the collusion between intelligence agencies, Big Tech, and Democrats is, pointing out that someone needs to be held accountable.

Censorship is changing. According to the left, there’s no censorship. There is no silence, only visibility filtering. “The whole thing is completely outrageous because, at the heart of this, you have something that is a monumental scandal. You have the FBI colluding with Big Tech to influence the election on behalf of one political party. That’s what’s going on here,” Hilton explained.

Gallagher then explored the meetings social media platforms reportedly had with intelligence agencies, especially the FBI. Tweet No. 20 says Roth, a security officer, met with the FBI, DHS, and the director of national intelligence every week. The third installment of the files revealed that Federal officials sent notices about everything from Hunter Biden’s laptop to mail-in ballots.

Hilton says the actions are unacceptable. “I think this story should be accurately described not as the Hunter Biden laptop story; it’s the Joe Biden corruption scandal, a massive scandal where you see the presidential candidate of one party where there’s clear evidence that he was the head of a corrupt influence-peddling operation with a hostile foreign power and they cover it up,” he said.

The commentator then showed a video of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifying before Congress that conservatives were not shadow-banned or censored on Twitter. This was later demonstrated to be untrue. “And then today we learn that that’s totally false and they were letting pro-Biden tweets go through. I mean, potential perjury stuff here,” Gallagher suggested to Hilton.

Hilton said it’s a semantic argument. Jack Dorsey is ‘shadow banning’ through what the left calls ‘visibility filtering.’ This is censorship and silencing. He concluded his segment by saying the next House and these committees chaired by Republicans will have to bring these people in. If there’s any evidence of criminal wrongdoing, prosecute them.