Steve Bannon Arrested After Turning Himself In, Pleads Not Guilty To Money Laundering

Steve Bannon was the top strategist to President Trump, but he is now facing charges of money laundering regarding fundraising for the border wall, charges to which he pleaded not guilty yesterday.

Bannon was arrested on Thursday after turning himself in, but even after that New York Attorney General Letitia James had Bannon in custody it was not enough. The following video shows what can only be described as an unnecessary “perp walk” as Bannon was walked in front of a group of prepositioned media.

An article from Red State suggests that “Everything about this appears to be prompted by politics. Why would they perp walk him in front of the media after he had already turned himself in?”

Bannon was released without bail after the “not guilty” was entered by his attorney.

Bannon was indicted for allegedly defrauding donors of $15 million. As CBS News reports, “He faces charges for his part in a “Build the Wall” group that raised millions on promises to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but allegedly pocketed some of those donations. The charges are two counts of money laundering in the second degree, one count of conspiracy in the fourth degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree and conspiracy in the fifth degree.”

Bannon did raise millions of dollars for a border wall that has never been built, and it is important to follow this story to see what happened to that money and whether or not there is a good explanation for it.

At the same time, Democrat and progressive leaders in the DOJ, AG offices, and other places in government have seemingly added these dramatic raids and arrests to their political playbook. Pushing the “Russian misinformation” when Trump was elected, turning a blind eye to Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden while raiding Mar-a-Lago, the January 6 hearings, and taking a sitting Senator’s phone with no explanation have all been high profile overreaches of power by the political left.

In addition, these dramatic and highly publicized instances seem to be happening more frequently as the midterm elections approach which should give pause to anyone taking them seriously.