State Farm Reverses Course, Dumps LGBT Book Program for Kids

State Farm apparently decided that being a good neighbor is better than being woke. The insurance giant quickly backtracked from its program to distribute LGBT books to kids after it was exposed by an employee.

A whistleblower leaked an internal State Farm email to Consumers’ Research, a national non-profit exposing radical woke activities by corporations. The group rolled out an ad campaign showing the company to be a “creepy” neighbor — a take-off from its traditional slogan.

The narrator asked if a truly “good” neighbor wants to talk to five-year-olds about gender identity. A day of exposure was all it took. Victor Terry, State Farm’s chief diversity officer and vice president of public affairs, was emphatic in his Monday statement.

Acknowledging the company’s partnership with the “philanthropy,” Terry declared they will “no longer support that program.” He then said that conversations about such sensitive topics should happen at home with parents.

Terry even asserted that State Farm does not support “required curriculum in schools on this topic.” That’s quite an about face from the program’s original intent to distribute three-book bundles to 550 agents nationwide.

State Farm partnered with the GenderCool Project with the announced goal of increasing children’s access to LGBT books and creating “empowering conversations” with ages 5+. The leaked message looked for six agents in Florida to distribute the books to places kids could access them.

The literary masterpieces being distributed included “A Kid’s Book About Being Transgender,” “A Kid’s Book About Being Non-Binary,” and “A Kid’s Book About Being Inclusive.” The leaked email promoted the books as ways to support the LGBT community and the world at large.

Portland-based A Kids Company About publishes the three titles, along with others aimed at children about white privilege and racism. GenderCool co-founder Gearah Goldstein says the publishers and her advocacy group are on the “right side of history” but the backlash is “not surprising.”

State Farm reacted the way they should have and the way other corporations need to follow. Whether it’s Disney, educators or woke corporations, the time is now to understand that kids are off-limits for their agendas. Parents are the gatekeepers.