Stain On Trump’s Administration, Jared Kushner, Attacks DeSantis Over Martha Vineyard

Jared Kushner recently attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his decision to fly illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Some conservatives have criticized Kushner for his role as a senior White House advisor to former President Donald Trump because of his left-leaning tendencies.

Trump’s son-in-law once again showed his true colors when he gave a surprising interview and tried to deflect blame from Democrats’ horrendous open border policies by attacking DeSantis.

“I personally watch what is happening at the southern border. I also – we have to remember these are human beings, they’re people, so seeing them being used as political pawns, one way or the other, is very troubling to me,” Kushner said on Fox.

He makes it clear that his goal isn’t to create a secure southern border but rather takes aim at Republican leaders who are left to deal with illegal immigrants flooding their states. Both DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbot have sent illegal immigrants to Democrat-run sanctuary cities, which has caused the left to hypocritically complain about taking on the migrants.

Instead of focusing on President Joe Biden and his administration’s responsibility for the border crisis, Kushner seems more concerned with Republicans’ attempts to unravel the left’s migrant hypocrisy.

Millions of illegal immigrants, including drug coyotes, human traffickers and cartels, have flooded the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office.

“People don’t talk enough about the fact that these people are lured into these journeys by the coyotes; they’re paying a lot of money. I think 80 percent of women are sexually assaulted along the way. They come into America, they don’t have papers, many of them are exploited … so it’s a very sad situation,” Kushner said.

But instead of blaming the ones at fault for the issue to begin with, Kushner used his platform to rail into Republican leaders. While Trump was in office, it was a common occurrence for Kushner to undermine the American First agenda.