Stacey Abrams Top Staffer Shares Post Comparing U.S. To Taliban

One of Stacey Abrams’s top staffers retweeted a post on August 17 that compared the government of the United States to the Taliban and said that the American Revolution was U.S. jihad.

A.D. Fields is a political director for Fair Fight Action, a voter rights organization that Abrams runs. He deleted his retweet after receiving a press inquiry from the Washington Free Beacon.

The original post was by Michael Harriot, who referred to African Americans who fled the United States after fighting on the British side as refugees from the American Taliban. Harriot is The Root’s senior writer.

Harriot wrote his tweet thread as the ongoing humanitarian crisis became more urgent. The Taliban threatened the safe evacuation of thousands of American citizens stranded at various locations within Afghanistan.

He is a frequent on-air guest at CNN and MSNBC and says that he incorporated critical race theory into his college classes as an economics professor. In his Twitter bio, he says that he is the author of the upcoming book “Black AF History,” is a board-certified wypipologist, and is the last real Negus alive.

The day after posting that thread, Harriot responded to a question on Twitter that asked readers to name a great song that is also about murder, to which he answered, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Abrams ran unsuccessfully for governor of Georgia and has since become a leading Democratic spokesperson for national election law reforms. She founded Fair Fight Action to advocate against what she alleges to be voter suppression in states and local jurisdictions around the country.

Several leftist commentators have sought to compare the U.S. to the Taliban in recent days.

MSNBC host Joy Reid compared the treatment of women under Taliban rule to America’s far religious right. She said the situation in Afghanistan is an accurate cautionary tale as America has people dreaming of theocracy imposing a particular brand of Christianity that would remove women from the workplace and place them solely into childbirth.