Stacey Abrams Is Still Lying About Abortion

Things are not looking very good for Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams. Currently, Abrams is trying, for the second time, to become Georgia’s next governor. Yet, her campaign appears doomed to end in defeat, just as it did in 2018.

Right now, Abrams is currently behind Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in the polls. Kemp has consistently stated that he can defeat Abrams once again, just like he did four years ago.

Months ago, the Georgia Democrat got in trouble for posing with masked-up schoolchildren while she herself wasn’t wearing a mask. This especially reflected poorly on Abrams since she’s been a longtime advocate of forced masking.

This time, Abrams is in the hot seat for telling outright lies about abortion.

A Sad Display From Abrams
The Georgia Democrat has gone on record, claiming fatal heartbeats in six-week-old babies don’t exist. Abrams instead says reports of these fatal heartbeats are designed to coerce pregnant women.

This is scientifically untrue. However, it’s a narrative that Abrams is running with in order to win her race for governor. Currently, polling out of Georgia shows the Democratic candidate is struggling to connect with the state’s voters.

Abrams lies about fatal heartbeats as her party claims to be the party of science. Yet, in this case (and many others), Democrats are willing to throw science to the wayside when it doesn’t suit their political narratives.

Thus far, Abrams has not walked back her comments or apologized. In Georgia, this isn’t likely to do her campaign any favors. Polls to come may very well show Abrams trailing Kemp at an even greater rate than previously documented.

Holding Abrams Accountable
As the Georgia Democrat makes various blunders in her campaign to become Georgia’s next governor, Kemp’s team is holding her accountable.

Abrams is being called out not just for her lies about abortion, but also for her hypocrisy on face masks, advocacy to keep schools closed, and her support for unscientific vaccine mandates.

The Georgia Democrat is also being held accountable for prioritizing photoshoots on magazine covers and fundraising outside of Georgia over delivering for the people of her state.

Kemp’s team and other Republicans warn that if Abrams ever gets into the governor’s mansion, she’ll run Georgia into the ground with woke, radical policies.