Southwest Flight Attendant Draws Attention To Unionization Issues

For decades, various workers’ unions have been closely in bed with the political left. Democrats champion unions and often push for policies that usher workers into unions.

According to Democrats, unions protect workers’ rights and shield them from being taken advantage of in the workplace. However, there are also some downsides. Unions have become openly political in recent years, not even bothering to pretend otherwise anymore.

This has caused issues for some union members who aren’t on board with left-wing politics. Then, there are other workers who simply have no interest in joining unions.

When one Southwest Airlines flight attendant, Charlene Carter, slammed the Transportation Workers Union’s (TWU) involvement in partisan politics, she was targeted by a TWU official.

This didn’t work out as the union official planned, though.

A Victory For the Flight Attendant
Once the TWU official reported Carter’s Facebook posts that expressed issues with the union’s politics, Southwest Airlines fired her.

However, Carter sued with the outcome resulting in her receiving over $5 million in damages. A jury in Texas determined that Southwest and TWU wrongfully terminated the flight attendant solely due to her issues with unionization.

Unfortunately, this case is not an outlier. Many unions have shown zero regard for their members who don’t agree with nakedly partisan agendas.

In the case of Carter, she washed her hands of the union in 2013 after learning it was supporting abortion. However, this didn’t stop the union from still taking money out of her salary for “union dues.”

A Bleak Future For Unions
Due to the significant power that unions have over their members, many are fearful to speak up when issues arise. Some would even argue that TWU attempted to make an example out of Carter. Although this ultimately backfired against them.

Considering unions’ known ties to left-wing politics and their treatment of workers who disagree, this creates an incentive for workers to pursue other options.

As the workforce evolves to include gig work, freelancing, and project-related jobs, some analysts suggest this could become the new normal. Over the years, there’s also been a steady increase in people pursuing these versions of work.

Unions, on the other hand, have shown no interest in changing their involvement in left-wing politics or their treatment of workers who speak against these policies.