Soros Influencing “Defund the Police” Effort In Austin

Billionaire progressive and globalist George Soros has influenced local elections and governments across America in recent years. One of his efforts this year is targeting the police force and city government in Austin.

Soros has pushed $500,000 to Equity PAC, an activist group opposing the hiring of police officers in the Texas capital. Its efforts are directed toward Proposition A, which is set for a vote on November 2. If passed, the measure would require the city to hire hundreds of additional police officers. It would need at least two city officers for each 1,000 city residents.

Soros has contributed tens of millions of dollars to political action committees and other groups involved in affecting local elections throughout the U.S., including prosecutors and city officials dedicated to reducing law enforcement and criminal prosecutions. 

Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly said she is sickened by “out of town billionaires” fighting against local and citizen-led initiatives. She added that the city’s charter is designed to allow ordinary residents to “fight for what they believe in” when the city government is ineffective.

The city council got involved in the “Defund the Police” movement that made the rounds in the U.S. last year after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It took away $150 million in funding from the police department, moving the budget to other city services. Some of that funding has been restored by the council, but Proposition A is intended to force additional action.

Matt Mackowiak is part of Save Austin Now, an organization that supports Proposition A. He tweeted Friday that Austin’s public safety is under attack from “national left-wing interests.”

Mackowiak said in a statement that a large amount of out-of-state money coming in to influence the outcome of Proposition A shows that local donors will not fund opposition to the measure. He pledged that his group would fight in favor of the standard “twice as hard” as outside agents.

Since the city’s police department defunding, Austin has seen a 200 percent increase in murders this year. Up to 96 percent of regular police shifts are now less than fully staffed. Violent crimes are up across the board, and more than 80 percent of residents say that the city is unsafe.