Some Afghan Refugees Flown To U.S. Appear On Watch Lists And Have ISIS Connections

President Joe Biden’s hasty and disorganized withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan instantly created a refugee crisis among the tens of thousands of Afghans allied with or assisted the U.S. during the war.

The mission of getting as many of those persons friendly to Americans to safety has necessarily compromised the normal vetting process for issuing Special Immigration Visas (SIV) to deserving persons.

Security screeners at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar intercepted one Afghan evacuated for the Kabul airport with potential ISIS connections. A government official confirmed that there have been “a number” of evacuees who triggered security alerts. Using biometric identification systems, up to 100 out of 7,000 SIV applicants have been flagged for appearing on watch lists.

Immigration officials are reportedly using old technology systems for identifying SIV applicants and are having trouble using them correctly. The shortage of personnel to handle the flood of SIV applicants is also presenting issues.

The return of Obama-era practices that avoid the appearance of “Islamophobia” affects border control and immigration intelligence gathering. Refusing to study or understand Islamic jihad terror practices diminishes the ability of screeners to detect security risks.

Sky News reported on Monday that there was a spike at the Kabul airport in forged papers and impersonations as the airport’s closing approached.

As reported earlier in August by Business Insider, thousands of imprisoned ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters were released when the Afghan government surrendered to Taliban insurgents. It is unknown at this time how many of these released prisoners have applied for entry into the U.S. and safe transit as “refugees.”

Last week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that he is very concerned that the Biden administration is not properly vetting the refugees. He added that such a failure is “an invitation to terrorist attacks” on American soil.

The Biden evacuation is, of course, an unplanned work in progress. As it stands, what will happen with thousands of potentially serious security threats that the U.S. has taken responsibility for remains unknown.