Sinema ‘Nails Coffin Shut’ On Democratic Plans To Scrap Senate Filibuster

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) gave a 19-minute speech on the Senate floor on Thursday that presented a wide-ranging foundation for her firm and continuing refusal to consider scrapping the filibuster rule for ordinary legislation.

Sinema seems to be politically aware enough to understand that if she is to carve out a future in Arizona, she will need to avoid the far ends of the leftist edge that the Democratic Party is rushing toward.

Sinema remains true to most of the Democratic legislative agenda, including the wide-ranging federalization of American elections under the guise of “voting rights.” She refuses to throw away the filibuster’s protections to the minority party to achieve that short-term goal.

She started her speech with observations about the existing divisions in American politics, especially regarding the “othering” of political opponents. She said it is more common now to demonize someone with different views than to understand what they are proposing and thinking.

Sinema highlighted most of her party’s talking points about election integrity and the right of Americans to vote freely. She was most likely doing her best to minimize the “friendly fire” she was expecting from fellow Democrats who refused to accept her position on preserving the filibuster.

Sinema’s latest speech and resolve on preserving the filibuster is sure to lead to continuing harassment and attacks from the more aggressive leftists within her party. In recent months, she has been followed into public restrooms to be harangued for her voting decisions and confronted at a family friend’s wedding.

Even though she tried to appease Democrats who are using election reform proposals as a way of painting all Republicans as virulent racists, she may be able to thread the needle with voters in Arizona if she maintains focus on the best parts of her speech regarding the political divide.