Senator Bill Hagerty Vows To Fight To Deny Second Infrastructure Bill To “Completely Incompetent” Biden

In an interview with Breitbart News on August 21, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) said that the disastrous incompetence shown by the Biden administration in the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan indicates that the White House will not be capable of managing a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

Hagerty said that the Afghanistan crisis demonstrates how “completely incompetent” the Biden administration is, and believing that they could administer more government dependency programs is complete folly.

The Senate recently passed the bipartisan first part of Biden’s two-part infrastructure plan as a $1.2 trillion package approved by every Senate Democrat and 19 Republicans. The final vote was delayed for several days. Hagerty refused to provide unanimous consent to the Democratic effort to steamroll it through before the 60 votes needed to avoid the Senate filibuster rules dissipated.

Hagerty told Breitbart that he believes in solid infrastructure, having worked his way through school shoveling asphalt on a road crew. He said his father and grandfather were in the road construction business. He stated that while the Senate had been promised a complex infrastructure bill for months, they ended up with something not exactly what they had planned. According to the senator, the 2,700-page report “opened the door” for the Green New Deal and a slew of other initiatives that had nothing to do with infrastructure.

He also expressed great concern that the same day that Congressional Budget Office scoring showed an unexpected $250 billion shortfall in paying for the programs in the bill, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pressed for an immediate vote.

The bill is connected to the second part of Biden’s infrastructure plan that includes a $3.5 trillion spending bill for human infrastructure that is virtually certain to receive no Republican support.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sure to do some political maneuvering in deciding how and when to present the bipartisan bill to the House.

Hagerty said he believes there is the potential political will among moderate Democrats to stop the Biden spending plan and that the president and Pelosi are genuinely concerned. He said that he didn’t get the result he hoped for so far, but he thinks some momentum has been created in fighting the next bill.

As for the ability of Biden to execute his vast spending plan, Hagerty said the American public is waking up to how incompetent the administration truly is. He said that the situation in Afghanistan is complete and utter chaos, revealing reckless and feckless leadership.

We can expect to look to Hagerty as a leading Republican voice against the massive next step in Biden’s infrastructure plan. He may find a couple of moderate Democrats to spike the bill where he couldn’t find enough Republicans to deny 60 votes on the first round.