Senate Judiciary Committee Minority Report Shows Trump Did Not Attempt Using DOJ To Attack Election

Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee released a minority report on Thursday that shows President Trump did not weaponize the Department of Justice (DOJ) in an attempt to affect the outcome of the presidential election.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) issued the report as the ranking member of the committee. The report concludes that Trump did not direct DOJ officials to act outside the scope of the guidelines for appropriate actions to secure the integrity of an election.

The report says that the available evidence indicates Trump was acting on “legitimate complaints” and “reports of crimes” as a result of failures in the electoral system “writ large.” It also stated that Trump’s focus was not on telling the DOJ to take specific actions but on making sure the agency was aware of misconduct allegations and that they were being investigated.

The committee’s investigation was initiated by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) in January to examine actions taken by the DOJ in the two months following the 2020 election and before the inauguration of Joe Biden. The committee interviewed several key officers at the DOJ, including former Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

The minority report contradicts claims by Democrats that President Trump undertook steps to use the DOJ to overturn the results of the election.

In August, corporate media outlets reported that Jeffrey Clark, an assistant attorney general working for the DOJ, urged Georgia state legislators to hold hearings to investigate voter fraud before the election was certified by Congress. 

It was also alleged that Clark recommended that the DOJ require states to hold special conventions to select electors to the electoral college. It was also alleged that Trump rejected that recommendation. Durbin concluded the committee’s investigation before Clark was called to testify.

Testimony before the committee indicated that Trump did not fire any DOJ or FBI employees for failure to investigate election fraud appropriately. The evidence taken by the committee stated that Trump had “no impact” on the DOJ’s actions or decision-making regarding investigations into the election.