Sen. Grassley Rewarded By Democrats And Media For Compliment With Accusations Of Racism

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is a throwback to simpler times, but the standards of modern Wokeism judge him. The 88-year-old lawmaker accidentally paid a recent compliment to a Korean-American judge that earned him rebukes from leftists in the corporate media and Democratic Party.

Joe Biden has nominated Judge Lucy Koh to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and she appeared for a Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday. After giving some of her background in her opening statement, Grassley praised her for her “hard work ethic.”

Grassley said Koh’s statements about her Korean heritage reminded him that “you can make a lot out of nothing.” He told Koh that he congratulated “you and your people.”

Koh, a federal district court judge in California since 2010, thanked Grassley for his comments. She is expected to be confirmed and become the first-ever Korean-American female judge of a federal appeals court.

Grassley’s comments quickly led to attacks from the left. Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, tweeted that “even as a compliment, assigning a trait to a whole community is the definition of prejudice.” She added that treating all persons in a group as the same “invites mistreatment,” Although it may not be inciting violence, it is “harmful nonetheless.”

John C. Yang of the group Asian Americans Advancing Justice issued a statement saying that Grassley’s comments, although made with goodwill, are harmful and create “division within communities.” The information added that “hard work” is shared by “cultures and races” other than Korean-Americans.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee advisor Kurt Badella wrote an opinion piece for NBC News calling Grassley’s comments “racist,” and the implication of superiority by one race is a “gateway to violence and oppression.” Badella added that he did not care about Grassley’s intentions or if the Senator thought his statements were a compliment. He said that Grassley owes Judge Koh an apology “at minimum.”