Seattle Plans To Remove Dangerous Homeless Camp Near Courthouse

Seattle has been a prime example of what one of America’s most beautiful cities can become due to progressive policies toward the homeless. The city’s politicians have been handing over possession of the public property paid for by the taxpayers to squatters who prevent anyone else from enjoying public spaces and treat these spaces as garbage dumps and drug dens.

Officials from King County have finally decided to retake a large park next to the county courthouse for its intended purpose. The county will close the park for two or three months to clear the homeless encampment and remediate the property.

The county has identified 52 individuals currently living in the makeshift camp in Courthouse Park. Workers with the JustCARE program have been working on alternative housing plans for each person, and the county has stated that almost all of them are expected to accept an alternative housing plan.

A 72-hour effort to remove the homeless resulted in 40 successful transitions to alternative housing. When all homeless individuals have been removed, the lengthy clean-up process will begin.

Because of dangerous conditions in the park, the Seattle police department has been dispatched recently. The Seattle fire department manages the Rescue Task Force for life-threatening emergencies inside the park. Seattle firefighters had been experiencing attacks from the homeless when responding to calls or rendering first aid in the park.

Workers at the King County Courthouse recently marched outside to protest the homeless camp and the city’s refusal to ensure workers’ safety in and around the courthouse. The march followed an attack and sexual assault by a homeless man on a female courthouse employee inside a courthouse restroom. The alleged attacker is a notorious and prolific offender living in the park.

The park has been on the scene of several violent crimes throughout this year. In May, a homeless camper in the park killed a 67-year-old victim’s dog during an attempted robbery. The alleged attacker was charged and immediately released according to the city’s no bail policy.