School Board Rejects ‘Cis, White Male’ As President

Dark periods of American history included blatantly discriminatory policies that denied individuals the ability to work, own property, or fully engage in society because of their race or gender.

Now, leftist activists intent to make up for those historical wrongs have pushed the pendulum so far to the other side that straight, White males are being openly denied similar opportunities.

The most recent example of this troubling trend can be found in a recent decision by the Upper Moreland School Board in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

As the body considered two candidates to serve as its next president, board member Jennifer Solot offered an enthusiastically bigoted reason for her opposition to Greg D’Elia.

Solot, who also serves as the board’s treasurer, acknowledged that D’Elia would make an “excellent” president but voted for April Stainback instead because she is not a “cis, White male.”

She claimed that D’Elia would not reflect the board’s “message,” which is apparently rooted in antagonism toward straight, White men.

It is worth noting that the same school district a White male was deemed incapable of effectively representing is comprised of a student body that is roughly 76% White.

“I believe that Mr. D’Elia would make an excellent president,” she declared. “However, I feel that electing the only cis, White male president of the board of this district sends the wrong message to our community — a message that is contrary to what we as a board have been trying to accomplish.”

Solot’s screed went on to include her opinion that “it’s important that we practice what we preach, and that our words have strength when they are spoken, whether we speak them from the neighborhood sidewalks or from behind these tables.”

When the vote took place, D’Elia received only one vote: his own. Even the board member who nominated him reportedly sided with Steinback in the end.

Unfortunately, this incident is just one of many examples that reveal a growing bias against White males. One recent poll showed that nearly 17% of hiring managers surveyed said that they had been instructed to “deprioritize White men when evaluating candidates.”

A slightly lower percentage said they received similar advice about White women and a majority — 55% — indicated that they were compelled to reject applicants who were deemed “not diverse enough.”