Schiff’s Office Pressured Twitter To Ban QAnon Account

The latest batch of “Twitter Files” has revealed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was part of an effort to curtail the free speech of Americans on Twitter.

The latest batch of files released by independent journalist Matt Taibbi on Tuesday evening revealed how Schiff’s office tried to get Twitter to ban Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry from the platform.

Schiff’s office claimed in an email to Twitter that Sperry and Greg Rubini, a popular author among Conservatives, promoted false conspiracy theories and harassed House intelligence committee staff.

The email included a list of requests for the platform’s content moderation team, including removing “any and all” content about the committee staff and suspending Sperry and Rubini’s accounts.

“Would like to get your thoughts on your ability, if any, to support any of these requests,” Schiff’s office wrote in the email.

Twitter responded and promised to review the accounts for suspension but noted that it might not grant Schiff’s wish. Sperry was, however, banned for different infractions.

The latest revelation opened Schiff to fierce criticism, with one Twitter user labeling him “the true fascist.”

Another user said Schiff’s request is grounds for impeachment and criminal prosecution because Schiff conspired to deprive Sperry of his constitutional rights.

“It’s also grounds for Sperry to sue Schiff and his minions,” the user added.

One user responded that politicians who feel it’s OK to ask social media companies to ban citizens for using their legally protected free speech are the only “threat to our democracy.”

The latest installment of “Twitter Files” revealed how federal agencies pressured Twitter to censor Americans, especially Conservatives.