Sarah Palin Explains What’s First On Her Agenda If She Wins

Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, said if she wins a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, she will make it her top priority to “open up” the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to fight against the “fake energy crisis.”

With President Joe Biden shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and depleting the United States’ oil reserves, Americans face high oil and gas prices.

Palin wants to increase reliance on domestic energy and natural resource development in ANWR. She pushed back against the Biden administration’s disastrous “environmental” policies.

Palin ran as a vice presidential candidate in 2012 on John McCain’s ticket and has long since been a proponent of harvesting resources from the United States. She has continued to point out Alaska’s abundant natural resources.

“[We must] make sure that the other congressmen understand how important it is that we really ramp up domestic energy production,” Palin stated. “Up here in Alaska, we’re the Fort Knox of America. We have the minerals. We have the oil and the gas. We have the rare earth [minerals]. We have all these natural resources of energy, and we should be turning on a spigot and utilizing them, exploiting them for good, for responsible use of mankind.”

“Instead, there’s this fake energy crisis going on. The reason we have an energy crisis [is that] Biden made it. He’s overseas, hat in hand, asking for dirty, dangerous sources of oil — from enemies, even — to be produced for us,” she continued.

Palin said that the U.S. can “develop [fossil fuels] safely, ethically, better than any other country in the world, our domestic supplies of energy.” She followed up by saying her “first agenda item will be making sure that we open up ANWR.”

One of the first things Biden did when he got into office was to stop ANWR via executive order.

Palin didn’t hold back when addressing Democrats and their desire to put U.S. energy at risk and rely solely on “alternative energy sources.”

She said, “The road that we’re on is to get America off traditional [and] conventional sources of energy that we have, and that we know how to produce, and to go into this utopian, fake, weird, New Green Deal of these alternative sources of energy.”

“Those are just boondoggles,” Palin continued. “That’s just a bunch of crony capitalism for people to get rich off some harebrained ideas– because we’re not anywhere close to getting rid of conventional sources of energy, and all of a sudden, getting to rely on these alternative energy sources that people who don’t know anything about energy are pushing all the time.”