San Francisco Officials Cancel Celebration For $1.7 Million Public Toilet

Officials in San Francisco have canceled a celebration for a public toilet which will cost $1.7 million and take until 2025 to build after receiving significant backlash online.

Speaking with the San Francisco Chronicle, California state Rep. Matt Haney (D) said that he voted for the city to pay the cost for the bathroom in the Noe Valley Town Square.

The Democrat state representative noted that he had planned to attend the celebration for the shockingly expensive plan, but then canceled after reading the news coverage.

“The number, it sounded shockingly high to me, and I think your article has revealed that their process around this is broken and the number is inexplicable,” Haney told the Chronicle.

“I’m glad that Noe Valley will at some point get a bathroom, but it shouldn’t cost this much and it shouldn’t take this long, and I’m angry about it,” he added while raising his voice. “It’s not something I want to celebrate right now.”

Haney went on to say that the neighborhood had be requesting a public restroom since 2016.

This $1.7 million plan is scheduled to be completed in 2025, which would be nine years after the neighborhood asked for it.

Numerous people took to social media to mock San Francisco officials for celebrating an exorbitantly expensive, ridiculously slow plan to build a simple toilet — but at least one reporter chose to defend the city and attack the critics.

“To all center-right ideologues bashing the $1.7 million public toilet in #SanFrancisco — show us your actual, concrete, real-world data on how much it would cost you to build a public restroom for a major U.S. city. Show us the details, the cost estimates–or stop whining,” Christopher Cook wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

San Francisco’s expensive toilet became such a joke on social media that a parody account pretending to be the future toilet was created to ridicule city officials.

“I promise I’ll be worth every penny. You just gotta give me a chance!” the account for the toilet tweeted.

Fox News late-night comedy king Greg Gutfeld mercilessly mocked the news on his show, with guests Tyrus, Kat Timpf, Piers Morgan and Lara Trump.