Samsung Announces AI Features For Galaxy Phones

Samsung is preparing for a new era, and mobile AI will lead the way. According to a recent Samsung press release, new Galaxy phones will be equipped with AI features, designed to assist users in their everyday lives.

Coined Galaxy AI, this mobile AI experience is powered by on-device AI through Samsung, as well as by cloud-based AI. The cloud-based AI portion will allow industry innovators to better the overall AI experience. However, Samsung assures users that their own data will stay private on their phones.

Samsung says that Galaxy AI will revolutionize the use of mobile phones in various ways. Galaxy AI will be able to help users with everything from increased productivity to better communication.

Specifically, Galaxy AI will help users when calling others on their phones through their recently announced AI Live Translate Call option. This AI feature will be available to use on new Galaxy phones. No third-party app will need to be downloaded prior to use.

AI Live Translate Call will allow users to have an immediate, personal translator whenever they’re on a call. Therefore, if a user is talking to someone who speaks a different language, they can use this feature to seamlessly translate the conversation.

AI Live Translate Call will provide this translation through audio and text in real-time during calls. According to the Samsung press release, this will make calls “as simple as turning on closed captions when you stream a show.”

Tech companies have long been eyeing how to best incorporate AI into their own products. In just the last year alone, AI has made huge technological strides. Companies have quickly worked to capitalize off this.

Now, Samsung has entered the race with its own AI offering. Though other companies, like Google, have already revealed their own AI products for consumers to use, Samsung’s Galaxy AI reveals the company’s intent to make waves in the mobile market.

“Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date,” explained Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business. “And it will change how we think about our phones forever.”

Galaxy AI is only the next — and bigger — step in Samsung’s AI revolution. Earlier this year, Samsung’s One UI 6 update included AI additions specifically dedicated to Galaxy cameras. This new update allowed users to take better pictures, with the help of artificial intelligence.

Galaxy AI will be available for consumer use in early 2024.