Sacramento Police Run Out of Gas Gift Cards for Gun Buyback Program

The average price of gasoline in California is over $6 a gallon. For a state that has built its cities around automobile travel, Californians are getting hit particularly hard by energy inflation. Someone in the Sacramento Police Department decided to take advantage of record gas prices.

The department recently sponsored a gun buyback program where they would exchange a $50 gas card for people turning in a firearm. The program was so successful that the Sacramento Police Department had to send out this tweet:

For this specific program, the fact that the gas incentive was so successful is anecdotal evidence of how the current gas crisis is at the top of mind for Californians. People are so concerned about rising prices that they are moved to action to take advantage of a perceived deal. This does not bode well for the Democratic party in the midterms if people blame them or President Biden for the gas hike.

Some polling suggests that a substantial portion of Americans blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the price at the pump. That may be good news for Biden on this one issue if that continues. On a macro level, however, he is not faring so well. A whopping 75 percent of Americans think that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Even if Biden can deflect blame for the energy crisis, he has a whole host of other problems to deal with. The solution to the nation’s ills lies at the state level.

The Sacramento Police Department’s efforts are a source of encouragement. If the country is going to right itself, the success of the buyback program shows that local solutions can be successful.