Sacramento Police Make Second Arrest in Mass Shooting — the First Suspect’s Brother

Sacramento police arrested a second suspect Tuesday in the weekend mass shooting that killed six and injured 12 others, and the search for other suspects in the horrific incident continues.

In custody is 27-year-old Smiley Martin, brother of 26-year-old Dandrae Martin who was arrested earlier in connection with the Sunday morning mass shooting. Smiley Martin suffered serious injuries and is currently under guard while hospitalized for treatment. He faces charges including possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a machine gun.

Dandrae Martin is being held on charges of assault with a firearm and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, though officials note he has not been arrested for homicide.

Sacramento County District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert said the investigation is complex and involves “many witnesses, videos of numerous types and significant physical evidence.” Shubert says her office anticipates more arrests, and police said SWAT members and detectives carried out search warrants at three area residences.

Sacramento police are reportedly poring through 170 videos and photos from the incident received from the community. The department issued a statement expressing their gratitude for the massive amount of evidence being submitted.

One weapon was recovered during the searches, and a stolen handgun was found at the scene of the shootings. Police said the stolen firearm was “converted to a weapon capable of automatic gunfire.”

Dandrae Martin, who police term a “related suspect,” reportedly spent time in an Arizona prison for violating probation over multiple felony convictions. Officials also say he had an outstanding warrant in Riverside County for misdemeanor domestic violence that dates back to 2015.

Court documents allege Martin “inflicted bodily injury resulting in a traumatic condition” to his spouse. The bench warrant was issued when he violated the community service and 52-week class requirements of his probation.

Meanwhile, Sacramento police say that over 100 bullet casings were recovered from the scene of the early Sunday morning attack, and at least three buildings and three cars were hit by gunfire. The six people killed in the mass shooting, the worst in the city’s history, were identified Monday.