Sacramento District Attorney “Hammers” Fellow California Prosecutors

Sacramento County California District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert slammed some of her fellow California district attorneys as “rogue prosecutors” who give criminals incentives to offend with flexible policies and penalties.

Schubert appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday and said that the poor prosecutorial policies are “another example of the chaos” and violence plaguing California. She said that the state suffers from a “tsunami” of poor policy choices and prosecutors not enforcing the “fullest extent of the law.”

Progressive lawyers who have been elected in large cities in California and some other states have been coming under increased scrutiny as violent crime is on the rise. Many claim that relaxed prosecution policies have given criminals a free hand to act.

Schubert named Los Angeles D.A. George Gascón and San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, two prosecutors who rely on rhetoric instead of action. She said they “talk tough,” but it is “just a show.” She added that the reality shows that they are not being tough on criminals and are not holding people accountable for illegal activity.

Schubert said that Gascón’s acts stand in opposition to his words. Gascón has said that convicted criminals should be released from prison within 15 years, no matter their crimes. Schubert added that there are convicted murderers in prison in California who are “toasting Gascón” in celebration of getting out of prison early. She went on to say that progressive district attorneys are “emboldening criminals” to commit more crimes.

She added that she knows California citizens are wary of rampant crime, including organized gang store lootings, follow-home robberies, and the overall surge in killings in the state.

On the other side of the country, new progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has drawn significant negative publicity this month as he sent a memo to prosecutors in his office that decriminalizing or non-prosecution of some crimes will “make us safer.” Among the crimes he included were resisting arrest and prostitution. He later backtracked somewhat, saying that his office would still prosecute robberies involving the use of a gun.