Russia Working With Iran To ‘Evade’ American Sanctions

Since taking office, Joe Biden’s Administration has been waiving sanctions on Iran and Russia. It is now reported that the two nations are cooperating to evade remaining sanctions and build up Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

On Friday, a Russian official was quoted in Iranian state media saying the two nations are “creating a mechanism” that will help them avoid the “threat of sanctions.” The Russian foreign ministry also told reporters that Moscow does not consider international sanctions cooperating with the Iranian regime.

Russia has become more openly involved in diplomatic discussions between the Biden Administration and Iran to renew the 2015 nuclear deal that President Donald Trump set aside. China is joining with Russia to request that the US terminate all economic sanctions against Iran in the negotiations. The removal of sanctions would immediately provide Tehran with billions of dollars in cash to go to nuclear site development.

The Biden White House has been stretched between seeking active cooperation from Russia in negotiating a new Iran nuclear deal while also dealing with Russia’s buildup of military forces on its border with Ukraine and its imminent plan to invade.

Congressional Republicans have pushed back against the White House because of Russia’s pivotal role in the Iranian negotiations. They say that Biden is giving both adverse nations additional international power while getting little return.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration appears to be attempting to bypass the legal requirement to obtain approval from Congress for any new Iranian nuclear agreement. It is continuing to conduct negotiations in secret. However, it has become more evident that Iran is only willing to make small and marginal changes to its nuclear programs over time. The State Department recently admitted that the Iranians are weeks away from having sufficient nuclear material to manufacture a weapon.

One reported agreement between Russia and Iran disclosed that Iran would send enriched nuclear material to the Russians for storage there.

It remains to be seen how the situation in Ukraine will impact the ongoing questionable negotiations with Tehran in the coming days.