Runaway Texas Democrat Lawmakers Still Posturing For The Cameras

The runaway Texas Democrat legislators are finally running out of time.

The Texas Supreme Court upheld Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to withhold their salary. At the same time, they are willfully absent from their duties at the state capitol, and some of the absentees have started to trickle back into the legislature. There are still not enough members present to make up a quorum so that public business can move forward.

The runaways had one hole card left thanks to a judge who issued a restraining order that prohibited state officials from arresting them to bring them back to the legislature to carry out their duties.

However, that order was blocked by the Texas Supreme Court, and arrest warrants were again made possible. As a likely result, the governor has directed that the arrest process be expedited so that runaways who can be found in the state and served with arrest warrants can be returned to work.

On August 11, the Texas House Speaker signed civil arrest warrants against 52 of the runaways. The warrants were delivered to the sergeant-at-arms the following day and are currently being served.

Even though the curtain has dropped on their temper tantrum and the delay games are all but over, the Democrats are still posing for the compliant corporate press as if they were somehow fighting for democracy. The complaints they have raised against the pending election security bill they are angry about are not facts. Despite that and the ultimate certainty that the bill will pass anyway, all of the other business of the legislature has also ground to a halt.

At this point, the best thing the Texas Democrats have left is a chance at a photo opportunity of them being arrested or being taken back into the Texas capitol building. There would be some enjoyment for the adults in the room watching them kick and cry about “brutality” or some oppression. It might even be funny if the whole show had not come at the expense of their constituents and all Texans.