Ron DeSantis Solidifying Florida As A Red State

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was elected as governor of Florida in 2018, the state had far more Democratic voters than Republican ones. This made such a difference that DeSantis’ victory over Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum was narrow.

Democrats have used this as ammunition to say the current governor will be easily defeated. However, the facts aren’t on their side.

For starters, every single poll shows DeSantis ahead of Florida Democratic challenger Charlie Crist. On top of the polls, DeSantis has raised over $100 million, a historic amount of funds for any candidate in a governor’s race.

However, one of the best factors working in DeSantis’ favor is the way Florida’s voter demographics have shifted since he was elected.

Florida Republicans For the Win
DeSantis’ leadership has attracted thousands upon thousands of new residents to the state. It turns out that many Americans prefer freedom and liberty over fascism and lockdowns.

Since 2018, the Florida Republican Party has seen an uptick of more than 509,000 new voters. This outnumbers, by many times over, the number of new voters Florida Democrats managed to pick up over the same time period.

Florida GOP vice chairman Christian Ziegler has weighed in on what this massive uptick in new voters means for the state’s Republican Party.

After noting DeSantis is focused on issues of greatest importance to Floridians, Ziegler said the current governor’s leadership is resonating with the state.

However, the vice chairman made it clear that Florida Republicans are just warming up. Ziegler confirmed the GOP of Florida will continue working to ensure success for DeSantis, safeguard the liberties of Floridians, and make the Florida Democrat Party a relic of the past.

Strong Momentum Behind DeSantis’ Reelection Campaign
Many on the left would like to paint a narrative that DeSantis’ leadership is the result of extremism and only hateful individuals support him. After all, this is a key talking point of Crist as he works to unseat DeSantis.

However, the leadership of the Florida governor is rendering so much success that he’s pulling in bipartisan support while seeking reelection. Just earlier this week, Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner (D) came out with an endorsement of DeSantis.

Kerner said the Florida governor has proven himself to be a worthy leader and he’ll be voting for DeSantis in November. The county commissioner also expressed that the state cannot afford to defund the police, which is something Crist continues to campaign upon.

Meanwhile, DeSantis is proving through his leadership that Florida is a pro-police state.