Ron DeSantis is Calling Out the Biden Administration

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has butted heads with the Biden administration on numerous occasions. The White House never cared for Florida’s rejection of heavy-handed COVID-19 mandates or its refusal to purchase COVID-19 vaccine batches to be administered to young kids.

Repeatedly, the White House has directly gone after DeSantis. However, the Florida governor always fires back. In other cases, DeSantis also proactively calls out the Biden administration for the harm it’s inflicting upon the United States.

Now, as the country formally enters into a recession, DeSantis isn’t letting Biden off the hook.

DeSantis on the Current Recession
The White House has done its utmost to dispel the reality that a decline of two quarterly GDP rates in a row is a recession. This is the benchmark experts have used for years to determine whether an economy is in a recession.

However, Biden wants the country to believe something different. This leads to DeSantis’ latest criticism of the White House.

The Florida governor released a statement that clearly defines what a recession is. Following this, DeSantis also said the Biden administration is resorting to gaslighting Americans about the true status of the economy.

After pointing out the negative impacts that Biden’s policies have forced on Americans (barring the current recession), the Florida governor said the president’s work to increase taxes and expenditures will make matters worse.

DeSantis’ warning about even more economic hardship to come arrives as Biden is working with Democratic lawmakers to pass the Inflation Reduction Act spending bill. Republicans warn this will make inflation worse, rather than bringing it down.

Major Reinforcements For the White House
Despite the Florida governor and other conservatives calling out the White House for current economic problems, there are many platforms backing up Biden as well.

The mainstream media has been echoing the White House’s talking points about a recession. At the same time, Wikipedia even changed the definition of a recession on its page. Then, it locked the page so no one else could go in and make new changes.

Outlets and platforms that have supported the White House’s remarks about the current recession are facing massive backlash from everyday Americans who are suffering.