Republicans Call For ‘Congressional Testimony’ From Biden’s Iran Envoy

Republicans demand that Joe Biden’s Iran envoy Robert Malley testify to Congress about his work to re-establish the Iranian nuclear deal reached by the Obama Administration in 2015.

Biden hired Malley last year to head up negotiations with the Iranian regime. Even though House Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee have repeatedly requested briefings from Malley, he has not appeared before Congress since his appointment. Some members of Congress objected to his appointment, citing his history of anti-Isreal writings and his termination from the Obama presidential campaign in 2008 because he negotiated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Malley is coming under increasing pressure to respond to the Foreign Affairs Committee. It is becoming more apparent that the Biden White House is nearing a new nuclear deal with the Iranians. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) authored the letter joined by nine Republican lawmakers that restate the demand for Malley to appear for sworn testimony.

The letter says that the American negotiating team is “in complete disarray,” citing the firing of an official from the State Department who was calling on the delegation to take a tougher stance with the Iranians. Reports indicate that Malley’s team is nearing an accommodation to Iran’s demand to lift all American sanctions.

The Republicans observe that Malley is getting rid of team members who offer disagreement with his approach. They pointed out that President Donald Trump’s Iranian envoy Brian Hook repeatedly appeared before Congress to provide current details and updates.

While the details of a new Iranian deal have been kept secret, many observers believe that Biden is moving toward a much weaker agreement than the previous agreement reached by Obama. Many believe that Biden is ready to offer sanctions relief worth billions of dollars in exchange for minor, or even trivial, restrictions on its nuclear program development. The State Department reportedly has estimated that the regime is only weeks away from having enough enriched nuclear material to make a nuclear weapon.

The Republicans have identified several questions they want to ask Malley. They want to know why team members have been relieved, the current status of sanctions relief, and the special status of Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

Biden has allowed the Iranians to significantly increase the regime’s illicit oil sales in violation of existing sanctions in the last year. The length to which Republicans will be willing to let Biden go in forgiving aggressive behavior in an apparent attempt to garner goodwill remains to be seen.