Republicans Are Winning Over Independent Voters

Poll after poll continues to indicate that good things are coming for Republicans. Various House districts that were once thought to be solidly blue have GOP candidates running successful campaigns.

At the same time, inflation, the economy, and crime continue to dominate as the leading issues on Americans’ minds. Polls also show that Republicans are more trusted than Democrats on these issues.

As the midterm election data favors the right over the left, Democrats are coming out with all sorts of new attacks. Though judging from new data tracking Independent voters in the midterms, attacks against Republicans are not sticking.

A Clear Message From Independents
Like in previous polls, it turns out that Independents are far more aligned with Republicans ahead of the midterms than they are with Democrats.

A new poll by CBS/YouGov shows as of this past Friday, the GOP holds a 16-point lead with Independents. Economic and crime-related issues are on the minds of many voters who are not affiliated with the GOP or Democrats.

Though while Republicans are addressing these issues and laying out comprehensive solutions, Democrats are more focused on abortion and mandatory electric vehicles. The left is out of touch with the issues concerning most Americans and it shows.

Before CBS/YouGov’s poll on Independents was released, a generic midterms ballot from Rasmussen Reports showed Republicans with a seven-point lead over Democrats.

Good News For the Country
One poll after the next continues to affirm that Republican candidates are extremely likely to regain control of both congressional chambers next week. When this happens, the United States will finally begin to take a turn off the currently disastrous course that we are on.

A House and Senate controlled by Republicans means that Biden will not be able to collude with Democratic lawmakers and get bills passed without including Republicans in the conversation.

It also means future far-left proposals from the president can be nipped in the bud, rather than passed into law.

Biden and his allies in the Democrat Party are horrified of losing power, particularly their current monopoly over the federal government. Though their loss of power will pave the way for Americans to get back on track and for the GOP to reclaim the White House in 2024.