Republican Governor Speaks Out About Raid On Trump’s Home

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) recently voiced her concerns about the raid conducted at Trump’s home

Noem said, “I’ll tell you what the one thing I’ve heard across this country, Republicans, Democrats, the public, they don’t trust the DOJ, and they want this to be transparent. They don’t think they need a special master to come in and look at this. That’s ridiculous. Hiding these documents and this information, keeping it within the DOJ, is wrong. It needs to be transparent so people can build trust back in the FBI and the DOJ and what they’re doing.”.

The honest criticism voiced what many across the country are feeling about the recent raid and the information released — and not released — by federal law enforcement.

Doubts among Americans in the investigation originate in nationwide suspicion that the raid is politically motivated.

“I think it’s important that this is transparent and that we do have someone outside of the DOJ looking at this and talking to people. What is this information? We don’t know what was in there. I believe President Trump declassified all this information,” Noem continued.

She explained that the American people deserve to know what was in those seized documents, but we have no way of trusting the DOJ or the FBI to tell the truth.

Noem sees that the unprecedented raid on Trump’s home could be just another dirty trick played by Democrats using federal law enforcement to go after Donald Trump — it wouldn’t be the first time; we all remember the “Russian collusion” lie.